Yummymaker talk with Jeremy Enriquez

Jeremy’s interest for gastronomy started at an early age with his mother and grandmother passing on their passion and know-how for the culinary art.
At age 15, he entered the prestigious School of Ferrandi Paris where he spent 4 years in the kitchen, specializing in the catering field. Later on, he joined the renowned Potel & Chabot traiteur. There he worked with the Paris team headed by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France and International Chefs. This is where he learnt the basics of French Haute Gastronomy, the technics and the finest recipes of French and International cuisine.

Jeremy’s desire to travel the world led him to New Zealand where he worked for the 5-star Langham Hotel’s kitchen followed by Australia where he worked for different caterers and key players in the hospitality industry. Finally, Jeremy landed in the United States where he became a crucial member of the culinary team at Tastings NYC & SoFlo.
What inspired the ingredients of your vegan breakfast tray? Why vegan?

When I was travelling through Australia and New Zealand I became very aware of vegetarianism and veganism and started to look at them as alternative lifestyles more than temporary trends. As I was hanging out with vegans and vegetarians a lot more, I started learning about their cooking habits and discovered there are a lot of dishes we can cook without using the traditional recipes. I have realized people are getting more and more health conscious and are looking out for the environment as well. As a chef, I have to keep up with these new eating habits in order to stay relevant.

What do you love most about working with Tastings?

Tastings has given me the opportunity to grow professionally as well as on a personal level. I have learned to challenge myself in order to reach excellence, to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas in order to satisfy all types of clientele.

Tastings is a family style company where individuals develop true human connections; this spirit is definitely one of a kind!

If you had to choose a favorite meal to cook, what would it be?

I would definitely have to say Risotto. It is both my favorite dish to execute and eat. The beauty of this dish resides in its complexity yet it remains simple and unpretentious.

I believe that the secret of the perfect risotto lies on having precious recipes from traditional Italian families; ingredients are quite easy to find but the “savoir-faire” is crucial.

How has transitioning to life in the United States been a positive experience for you?

Moving to the United States has changed a lot of things in my life. Since the beginning of my career, I have always wanted to move here.

It has been a great experience overall for me because it has taught me to be flexible, mostly in terms of adapting to a new environment and culture. Culinary speaking, it is also a drastic change from the traditional French eating culture. I am convinced that there are things to learn from every culture in terms of cooking skills and habits. Travelling and experiencing it from close can only enrich my cooking abilities.

What activities or hobbies do you like to participate in outside of work? Where could someone find you other than the kitchen?

I practice a lot of sport, and I am also a fan of driving. It gives me a feeling of freedom and control and allows me to escape the buzz of the city for a little while.

Outside of my working hours and like most people in NYC, I spend a lot of time at the gym. It really helps me to deal with the stress and it keeps me in shape!