Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Yummy Maker different?

This is a platform truly made or the people by the people. We merge the best of what social media has to offer professionals with unique culinary skills, and harness that power to create a network of independent food artisans with clients who want to eat something better than the mainstream dish.

How can I become a successful Yummy Maker?

First sign up with us here. Then take action to create a solid and attractive social profile. You can upload photos, post and grow an audience by engaging Yummy Fans on your page. The higher quality your offerings, the higher quality following you develop. Good food will create good clients!

What are the benefits of joining the platform?

Instead of blending your messages and skills on general platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can take more ownership of your clientele list by guiding them to a niche-based system. Those who join your page will know exactly what you do and what you offer, minus the excessive information flood the mainstream platforms tend to have.

How does the company help me become successful?

We’re an innovative group that’s passionate about quality food and health. Our hands remain on the pulse of what’s happening in this world and consistently update the platform with features to create more opportunities for you to grow. When you’re successful, we’re successful

What is the neighborhood feature?

One of our coolest features. Yummy Makers and Fans can find each other by the neighborhood. Learn about the local food artisans in your region, events held and other opportunities to connect directly.

Can I connect with my favorite Yummy Maker?

Yes you can! We encourage it. Unlike maintstream food makers who are often inaccessible, our platform encourages you to reach out directly to the makers of your choice.

Can we reach out if we have questions or concerns?

Yes we’re always on the lookout for feedback that can help us improve. Send us a line at info@yummymaker.com or through the contact page here.

What makes YummyMaker unique?

YummyMaker is unique because it was created by the people and for the people. YummyMaker provides a vast network of independent chefs with a way to leverage their talents into income. It also gives millions of people across the globe the tools they need to connect with their food and the people cooking it.

How can I be successful with YummyMaker?

Becoming a successful YummyMaker and growing your following is as easy as signing up, configuring your profile, and creating a solid offering of culture-rich dishes.

What are the benefits of using YummyMaker?

YummyMaker is a specialized platform that allows you to grow your following based on the merit of your cooking skills and the service that you provide. Visitors that come to YummyMaker know what they are looking for and can find you and hire you for your talents.

How does YummyMaker assist in making me successful?

When you’re successful, we’re successful. That is why we give our YummyMakers all the tools to succeed. We know what’s happening in the culinary world, and we provide our YummyMakers with as much guidance as possible.

What is the neighborhood feature?

The neighborhood feature of YummyMakers is one of the best features that make YummyMakers unique from all the rest. Use the neighborhood feature to connect with others in your location, learn about local cuisine, and organize culinary events.

How do I connect with my YummyMaker?

Unlike the impersonality of food delivery services and takeout, YummyMaker allows individuals to connect with the people that cook their food, known as YummyMakers. You can talk to your YummyMaker about your dish and connect with your food as it was meant to be.

What do I do if I have questions or concerns?

We have a helpful and accessible support team that can address any questions or concerns that you might have. We love hearing feedback from the YummyMakers community.